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How it works

Order a selection of tasty hot pots from us and we will deliver them direct to your door.Our mission is to give you your  time back. We love doing all the hard work while you relax.

Choose from our delicious range of dishes

We have been hard at work, talking to delivery experts around the country to get our next day delivery down to a fine art. Our hot pots are delivered frozen. For best results, all you have to do is pop them into the fridge to defrost over night or defrost in the microwave. Then simply heat on the hob or pop them back in the microwave and watch your family (and you) smile.

1. Choose your pots (minimum order quantity is 4)

2. We will prepare them fresh in our kitchen, immediately freeze and send out to you. 

3. Enjoy our wholesome meals and feel prepared for your day, whatever it might involve!


Hotpots packed full of goodness

Our biodegradable hot pots are packed with all of the nutritious ingredients you need to get you through your day.

indios Kleen Kanteen (coming soon)

The perfect container and companion for our delicious pots. Warm up before you head out and enjoy a piping hot meal on the go.

Coming soon

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